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Teenagers as Phone Sex Operators to Make an Extra Income

It is said that telephone sex is incredible, that with it you reach very intense orgasms and that whoever tries it repeats it. However, is everything that is said about this sexual practice true? Can all people practice this type of sex?

Trust is based on telephone sex is a variation of sexual intercourse that consists of having erotic conversations over the telephone. These conversations can be had between two or more people at the same time, getting to hold an erotic chat in the form of an orgy on many occasions.

The most typical is that it occurs in pairs or between people with a strong sexual attraction and desire. This practice is often accompanied by masturbation. However, it is not an essential requirement as there are people who are satisfied with a simple fantasy.

Teenagers in Phone Sex Business – A Necked Reality:

Although phone sex business is booming, on the other hand, the harsh and necked reality is that today even Teenagers jump in this business to earn some extra money for their daily expenses. Even, these companies are starting to become more and more demanded because of their free chatlines services for initial callers. They have started doing jobs as phone sex operators. However, they have no idea about the regulation of this business and which is totally illegal activity.

What Is Phone Sex?

You could say that ‘Phone Sex’ is the sending of images (photographs or videos) with sexual content by means of a mobile phone. Thus seen, it is a simple concept, but it is convenient to see what nuances would exist in such a broad spectrum.

The origin of the image can be produced by the protagonist himself, by other people consciously and consented to by that or, in the last case, stolen. A parallel issue to consider is whether the images were pre-existing and entered the ‘Phone Sex circuit‘ from other public access sources, such as the Internet, or private, as digital information storage devices.

The content of the image: sometimes it is not easy to define the sexual charge of an image and describe it as innocent, daring, erotic or pornographic.

The identity: if the image allows or does not unequivocally identify the person in it.

The age of the protagonist of the image: in case of anonymity, there are occasions when it is not easy to define the minority or majority of the age of the person who appears.

The age and circumstances of the rest of the participants: recipients, issuers and redistributors of the image.

All of these factors can influence both the potential damage suffered by the protagonist of the image and the responsibilities of those who, in one way or another, participate in the process.

Data from the National Crime Prevention Center Council, indicate that 65% of young people send Phone Sex to have fun, while 52 percent of teenagers have sent a message as a ‘gift’ to their boyfriend. It is also reported that 60% of adolescents have never commented to their parents about this practice.

Sexual Age consent

The basis for telephone sex:

There are no specific rules or guidelines for the practice of telephone sex, each one has to set limits and must stick to what he really likes and with what he feels comfortable with. However, if you are willing to try it, these are some of the bases for good phone sex.

1. Let the imagination fly:

Telephone sex is based on imagining situations which can be realized or not and build a story based on them and discover another type of pleasure. For this, it is essential to let our imagination fly, to put ourselves in situations that we would like them to become a reality, such as, for example, to practice sex somewhere special, and then to recreate how the situation could occur.

There are tricks: If at first, you feel self-conscious there are two alternatives, one of them is that you leave the initiative to the other person and another is that you mentally recreate a practice that you liked a lot and that has already occurred.

2. Put limits, not everything goes:

Just as in sex here we must also set certain limits, those that once crossed do not give us pleasure and stop liking what we are doing. Telephone sex can be aggressive, romantic, explicit, and so on. We just have to find where we feel more comfortable.

Men usually need explicit words and actions to get excited, they are more direct, while we usually like to entertain ourselves in the eroticism of the moment and in every detail. The purpose of this practice is that both enjoy therefore it is better to make clear at the beginning that you will not consent, such as not talking about anal sex, if you both know that one of the two do not like the subject, you do not have to remove it in this type of sex.

3. Show that you know your partner:

With this practice, you will know much more about your partner, but you also have to demonstrate a series of previous knowledge that makes your partner feel loved. Few things are sexier than showing your partner that you know perfectly what he likes in bed, so this is also a test of fire.

Show that you know your partner Phone sex can also learn a lot, especially we can keep data that our partner provides us and then we can make real, which will surprise even more our partner.

Telephone sex can be practiced by anyone who is comfortable with their partner or with the person on the other side of the line, shyness does not play an important role in this act, since many shy people are like that in person, not they are by phone. Therefore, it can be a wonderful tool to make yourself known and let the other person know what you like and what you do not like.

Legal aspects:

The ‘Phone Sex’, when it involves teenagers, can cause very different problems with the law, mainly, the production, possession, and distribution of child pornography, crimes against privacy for the use of personal data or disclosure of secrets and in more specific cases, crimes against sexual freedom and corruption of minors.

However, the most profound damage caused by Phone Sex is that it can mean the beginning of a situation of public harassment, in many cases accompanied by cyberbullying practices from which, of course, other types of legal responsibilities are derived.

The best way to take care of the integrity of our children is to tell them about the repercussions that come with this type of phone sex work.


How to avoid this situation to prevent this?

To take into account:

  • Maintain a constant dialogue between parents and children guiding them towards the responsible use of technology and the risks associated with it. If you are going to give a cell phone to a child, you must explain what it is for, what they can do with it and what not. Talk to them, ask them, whey they need extra money. Warn them what consequences they may face if they caught in this phone sex business.
  • Do not restrict the use of technology. Commonly, curiosity, accompanied by the restriction of parents, leads to children seeking information through friends and in an irresponsible manner.
  • Place the computers and phones preferably in visible places inside the house, such as in corridors or in the room, where minors can be supervised by adults and not allowed to have too much privacy with the computer.

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